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We are looking for people interested in bartending.

You will also be responsible for customer service, serving food, washing glasses, and cashiering.

Customers come for various purposes.
There are many people who come to enjoy conversation, so you will work while serving customers across the counter in the store.

I will tell you in detail,
First of all, we will start by cleaning the store before opening, and we will be able to prepare for the opening.
Next, have them learn how to prepare the fruits and other ingredients used in cocktails.

During the business, we will teach you how to handle and wash glasses, plates, cocktail equipment, etc.

Starting with the above basic tasks, we will set the next goal and the next goal according to your growth.

Even an inexperienced person does not have any problem at all.
Anyway, we give priority to those who are interested in learning.

If I had to add one more condition, it would be "people who are interested in BARs".
Just apply if you are interested!
Don't worry, you don't necessarily need "experience" or "knowledge".

We look forward to your application.

BAR Ikkei
​Store owner Kazuyoshi Honma
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