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4-5-1, Minami 6-Jonishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido 2nd floor, Jasmack Sapporo along Shinjuku Dori Basically open every day

6:00 pm-2:00 am (LO) 1:00) * Except for events, charter, business trips, and store maintenance.



Ocean Aged Liquor & Great Oyster & Cigar Cocktail

Aiming for the place to reach the end of the day, just that ...
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The flavor of alcoholic beverages is heightened by subsea aging
Aging is one of the great pleasures of alcoholic beverages, in addition to the individuality of each region and maker. Aging at the bottom of the sea creates complexity and depth in the flavors and aromas. In addition, it has a special charm that can only be tasted by aging at the bottom of the sea, such as softening the alcohol feeling and softening the mouthfeel. Please enjoy the best time with undersea aging in our undersea cellar.

July 2, 2023 (Sun) Hokkaido WHISKY FES 2023
Our shop, which is a member of the executive committee, is three hours earlier than usual only on Saturday, July 1, the day before.
Open from 15:00I will.
In addition, due to charter business from 21:00,
Closes at 20:00Please note that

In addition, the day before the Hokkaido Whisky Fes, many customers from outside of Hokkaido and overseas are expected to come to Sapporo.
If you are going to visit the store on the day, it does not matter if it is just before the store.011-563-0017Please contact us.Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Saturday, July 1, 2023
15:00 OPEN 20:00 CLOSE(Special business hours) *Seat reservations are only available immediately before your visit.
Sunday, July 2, 2023
20:00 OPEN 2:00 CLOSE(Special business hours) *Hokkaido WHISKY FES 2023 date
Monday, July 3, 2023
18:00 OPEN 3:00 CLOSE(Normal business hours)

"About the business of BAR Ikkei"

1, business hours

August 27th (Friday) -September 12th (Sunday)

We will be closed from 8/27 (Friday) to 9/12 (Sunday) based on the request for emergency measures by the coronavirus .

August 2nd (Monday) -August 26th (Thursday)

Based on the request for priority measures such as prevention of coronavirus spread, we will carry out the following business contents.

================================================== ============================================

"Announcement of the opening of a limited-time purple smoke antique coffee shop" Coffee, cigars and chocolates-sometimes antiques ""

================================================== ============================================

From 8/2 (Monday), we will start priority measures such as prevention of spread.

It is closed from Monday to Friday and is open only on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Limited time purple smoke cafe "Coffee, cigar and chocolate-sometimes antiques"

OPEN 13:00 ~ CLOSE 19:00 (LO 18:30)

We will reopen as a specialty store of home-roasted coffee, cigars and homemade chocolate.


We offer non-alcoholic cocktails as well as coffee only, so please feel free to tell us.

* Unfortunately, we will not be able to serve alcoholic beverages during the period, so please understand.


From this time, we will also sell various petite antique items, sake sets, liquor accessories, liquor utensils, etc. during the purple smoke cafe business.

How about making the sake you drink at home more delicious?

Please feel free to take a look while enjoying coffee and cigars.

* Please understand that we will not be able to serve alcoholic beverages during the period.

* Please cooperate with advance reservation.

* Excludes events, charters, business trips, etc.

* Depending on the business situation, the closing time may be shortened. Please contact us before coming to the store.

July 26th (Thursday) -August 1st (Sunday) 

The following business hours will be set based on the special measures period of the road.

Monday-Friday 18: 00-21: 00 (LO 20:00)

Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 15: 00-21: 00 (LO 20:00)

* Alcoholic beverages will be served until 20:00.

* Please cooperate with advance reservation.

* Basically open every day.

* Excludes events, charters, business trips, etc.

* Depending on the business situation, the closing time may be shortened. Please contact us before coming to the store.

2, advance reservation

Thank you for your continued cooperation in the advance reservation system.

Please make a reservation using the dedicated reservation form below. 

* Telephone reservations are also possible during business hours.

* If seats are available on the day, we can guide you.

* It may change depending on the request of the road and city, so we appreciate your understanding.


3, regarding hygiene

Although the request to shorten the time has been lifted, we will continue to implement measures against coronavirus such as alcohol disinfection before entering the store.

In addition, the air flow is created in the store by "introduction of air conditioning equipment that meets the national corona ventilation index" and "12 circulators", and regular ventilation is performed instead of regular ventilation.

Also, since it is a heat exchange type, cold outside air does not enter, so please feel free to visit us.

Cocktail pairing course reservations have started.
We propose a "cocktail and cooking pairing course" based on scientific analysis.
Click here to make a reservation
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Ocean  Aged Liquor  & Great Oyster  

& Cigar Cocktail is our business

At BAR Ikkei, we are particularly focusing on the following.

  1. "Ocean (seabed & onboard) aging"
    We practice the aging method that utilizes the power of the sea, which is beginning to attract worldwide attention, and offer various types of liquor independently aged on the "seabed and on board".


  2. "Great Oyster"
    "High standard and high value added" oysters are served with pairing drinks by a bartender who is a qualified Great Oyster Meister.


  3. "Cigar Cocktail"
    A bartender who is a qualified cigar sommelier will select cigars according to your taste and offer mariage cocktails that are compatible with each other.


Ocean  Aged Liquor

New Aging Method

Marine aging is a new aging method that has never been seen before, such as submerging sake with a glass bottle or putting it on a ship. It was talked about that whiskey salvaged from a sunken ship that was more than 200 years old was auctioned and became very mellow without being damaged.

Also, during the Age of Discovery, everything was moved by ship, so maybe there was something to do with the ship as the aging process? Based on the theory, we actively use the power of the sea to lay various types of sake in the sea of Hokkaido.

ocean aged liquor



High standard and high added value

What is Great Oyster? High-standard, high-value-added oysters, which are oysters with the best thoughts and techniques at the moment in the production area.

Producer x Provider x Consumer = Great Oyster completed for the first time by the Trinity.

However, no matter how wonderful "oysters" are, if they are not opened properly, the taste will be halved.

At our shop, a bartender who is qualified as a Great Oyster Meister will provide you with the proper opening method and a pairing drink that goes well with oysters.